so he decided to draw this for me on COUPLE. 

Happy Birthday, BabyGoat! :*

Happy birthday babe! Happy 18th. Wishing you all the best throughout the year and may you have many more birthdays to come. 

Firstly, I just wanna say that uhm, you’re getting a bit old now don’t you think? Haha. Ok, that statement was so pointless. XD. Baby, thankyou for being the best boypren in the whole entire universe! You’re very supportive in everything I do, and all the small simple things that you do for me actually mean so much. Like being able to wake up anytime just so you can wake me up, that shit’s impressive mayn. And so many other things that I can’t even be bothered to think about them. Hahaha. 

Ah, love how you’re getting more pogi every year. Hehe. Yes, you’re pogi. And you just phoned me right now hehe, and it just reminded me about ur deep voice. It’s sexy. Like your pays. Loool. But yh just wanna say that we’re gonna have cute tumblr babies in the future. 

Ok. I know I say this ALL THE TIME. but omd I don’t know how you can put up with me mayn. But you hab no idea how grateful I am that you chose me out of all the other biatches out there. Loool. Im kinda cringing but sadly, I’m just telling u how I really feel omg ew. No but seriously, we’ve had so many emotional, weird, random and funny moments and we’re still adding memories onto the list day by day. Ew. 
our relationship I would say, is actually very unique compared to other relationships. And I definitely know that im not capable of having this kind of a relationship with any other guy. just you. 

I just hope that none of this wud change and I know that there will be challenges that we would have to face together and individually. But I hope that we would overcome those challenges in the future and that we won’t give up on each other ever.

thats it, I guess in summary hahaha. I love you Gerald :* you will always be my soulmate hehe :D

I love you. <3

Anonymous asked:
You two must have a great sex life ;)

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. we’re both virgins. :/ ahaha!

Anonymous asked:
where was that pic taken?

heyyy :) uhm, it was taken today (his 18th bday celebration) @ his house

Anonymous asked:
What is his Facebook btw? :)

Get off anon, anon! :) it’s “Ge Torres Aguilar” on fb.

Anonymous asked:
What is your fondest moment with him?

ohh this is really hard.. but probably the day when I saw him again for the first time after our one-year-and-a-half breakup.. just made me realize how much I actually missed him. <3

we so swaggaful, dayummm.